Saturday, March 5, 2016

Driving Vacations through the French Countryside

While Paris has so much to offer and is the  number one tourist destination in the world, it’s nice to take the road to explore France's countryside and experience much scenery and culture as you can. What better way than through an independent driving tour? After all, there’s truly nothing like driving amongst slopping and beautiful landscapes, windows rolled down, hair rustling in the fresh  countryside air. At Enchanted France, we strive to provide you with a truly unforgettable experience and driving tours are just that. 

When traveling within a new culture, you may be uncertain of which sights to see, which destinations to visit, and which direct to travel. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of seeing just as much as you can. With our selection of France driving holidays, you’re provided all you need to have a truly fabulous time, including a rental car, a personalized itinerary with map and directions, and accommodations within a luxurious hotel or chateau.

Explore France vineyards in Bordeaux, Burgundy or Champagne; View the majesty of the French Alps or Pyrenees mountains; or discover  the timeless beauty of the villages of Normandy or Provence, all from the comfort of your car. Traveling independently, either on your own or with a loved one, allows you to tailor the trip to fit your needs, stopping to see the sights, tasting the food and meeting the locals  along the way!  

So what are you waiting for?  Spring is a great time to take the road and explore the beautiful countryside of France.

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