Saturday, April 13, 2013

Looking to see a Movie this weekend?

 Don’t miss “Renoir”.  The recent French film by director Gilles Bourdos depicts the painter Pierre August Renoir’s last years when he lived in the South of France .  1915, WWI was raging , Renoir both sons had been injured at the front and he had just lost his wife Aline.  He lived in the Cote d'Azur, at the Domaine des Collettes , a  9 acre estate a few kilometers from Nice, surrounded by a retinue of devoted servants who tended to his needs and care.  As the movie depicts, Renoir hands were deformed due to  crippling rheumatism which made it difficult for him to paint.  He nevertheless worked at his easel as painting was his raison d'etre.  One day,  a young beautiful model and aspiring actress shows up at his doorstep. She is bringing in the life's of the elderly painter much excitement and vitality.  She is to become his muse and last favorite model. I will not divulge anymore of the plot not to spoil your own viewing. 

I recommend this movie (and I have seen it twice ) for its cinematography as it portrays Renoir's lush garden at les Collettes .  It is like stepping into the painter’s canvas.   Needless to say the acting  is superb notably  by veteran actor Michel Bouquet as Renoir.   So enjoy !! 

By the way, Renoir 's Estate - Domaine des Collettes - is now a museum located in Cagnes sur Mer and can be visited.  However,
the garden used to depict the domaine des Collettes is Domaine du Rayol - a mediterranean garden in the var region at the foot of the Massif des Maures facing the Hyieres Islands.

Farm at les Colletttes- Renoir
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