Saturday, February 25, 2012

Les Cesars du Cinema

"The Artist"
 This Sunday February 25 is Oscar night in Hollywood.  Just this Friday night in Paris the French Film award ceremony, the Cesars took place at the Chatelet Theatre. Created in 1976, the Cesar award ceremony is considered the French equivalent to the Oscars.  The name of the award comes from the sculptor Cesar Baldaccini who designed the trophy.   This year, the black and white silent movie “the Artist” won six awards including Best Movie of the year, Best Director Michel Hazanavicius and its star Berenice Bejo was voted by the French Academy of the Art and Technique du Cinema- Best Actress.  The same director, actress and male star Jean Dujardin are also strong contenders to win Oscars.  After partying the night away, the team flew off to Los Angeles to participate at the Ceremony of the Oscars.  This year, French people are awaiting with bated breath the outcome of the Oscars.  Indeed, they will be very proud of their cinema, if “The Artist” was to win best picture.  This could be the first time that a non Anglo-Saxon film is awarded this supreme accolade. By the way, I expect UGGIE, the cute Jack Russel Terrier who co-stars with Jean Dujardin to steal the show on Oscar night.


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