Sunday, January 29, 2012

American Art at the Louvre

A new exhibit at the Louvre centers around American Art -Thomas Cole and the Birth of American Landscape painting. Running from January 14 to April 16  the Louvre museum is showcasing Thomas Cole, an early 19th century British born American landscape painter. Five works are on display-- one of which is owned by the Louvre-"The Cross in Solitude"  and the others were drawn from the collection of three American partner institutions-- Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the High Museum of Art and the Terra Foundation for American Art which contributed a scene form the "Last of the Mohicans".  Thomas Cole is considered a pioneer of the the Hudson River School of painting and is known for his portrayal of dramatic and untouched American landscapes and wilderness. The small exhibit will travel to Atlanta and Arkansas later this year.  At the Louvre, this will be the first  of four other exhibits of American art that will take place in the next four years focusing on themes such as scenes from daily life and portraits at the time of the American Revolution. The museum endeavors to increase French public's knowledge and awareness of early American art.  Of note, the Louvre owns only 4 American paintings out of its 4000+ permanent collection.

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