Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Great Wine Tours of Europe

Wine is an art de vivre in France, Italy, Spain and other European countries.   Wine is one of the oldest drinks to be enjoyed with a group of friends,  pairing with some cheese, a great meal or just the thing you need after a long day.  Some of the most sought after wine comes from Europe and for good reason.

Wine is like life, it gets better with age and that is the philosophy behind the wineries in Europe.

At Enchanted France and Beyond!, we work with professionals to bring you European tour packages that are geared towards your love for the preferred vintage of the gods. Our packages vary depending on the type of area you would like to stay in, but each package is customized so you can truly take in all of the aromas and tastes of the wines famous for their region. You will be able to learn about the noses and legs of wine, yes they do have them!; wine and food pairings and much more.

You can take your knowledge you’ve acquired from the experts to wow your friends! You’ll not only feel like a sommelier but you’ll also be able to appreciate each wine for their body and aromas. Well, what are you waiting for? Book your trip now to find your love and appreciation for wine in the vineyards of Europe.

Our custom wine tour specialist will help you in planning a memorable experience rich is sensory experiences. Contact


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