Wednesday, June 24, 2015

France Must See: Champagne

Everybody loves a glass of bubbly every now and then, and what better way to indulge than in the historic land in which this fabulous sparkling beverage is created? Champagne, France is a must-see for any travel enthusiast looking to experience history, tradition, and just a little bit of luxury.

Lined with gorgeous hillsides and bountiful greenery and vineyards, this land is most known for its incredibly fertile soil, allowing it to become the birthplace of champagne.  While you might expect a certain prestige amongst Champagne inhabitants, the locals are known to be an incredibly warm and inviting group and you’re sure to feel welcome. Perhaps the best part of Champagne is the wide variety of activities and destinations. Of course, you must sample the fruits of the vineyard by visiting the champagne cellars, but there so much more than Champagne has to offer!

Approximately 10 gothic cathedrals line the land, offering unforgettable history and beauty. Take a trip to Reims, home to France’s coronation cathedral. Hike one of the outstanding mountain ranges and relish in the sights of Champagne. There’s simply to end to the beauty and excitement.

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