Thursday, March 19, 2015

Have an Enjoyable Trip with these Safety Tips!

Generally, vacationing in France is very safe. However, opportunists know that tourists are always going to this beautiful country, and sometimes, they can take advantage of these travelers’ unfamiliarity. This fact isn’t cause for alarm because there are very simple steps that you can take to make sure that your first trip to Paris is a pleasant one!

1. Make copies of your passport, traveler’s checks, visa and any other important documents that you are taking with you. Leave one set of copies with a friend and another in your luggage. Then, you will be able to straighten things out very quickly if you lose anything.

2. Carry your money in cash, traveler’s checks and credit cards. Keep them separate so that you will not lose everything if someone discovers one of your hiding places. You can also carry a wallet that only contains a couple of dollars or expired credit cards to trick would-be thieves.

3. Visit to find out if there is anything that you need to prepare for before you leave on your trip.

4. Make sure that your family members or trusted friends know where you are planning to go. This protects you in case you encounter a problem and do not arrive at your destination.

5. Register your vehicle with the U.S. Embassy. If anything happens while you are driving, embassy officials will have your contact information.

Utilize these easy tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable European trip!

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