Thursday, February 26, 2015

Packing for your European Vacation

Ever try to carry a forty-pound bag around Paris all day? Packing for a European vacation is fun, but it’s easy to go overboard and pack too much. You don’t want to spend your valuable vacation time lugging around a bag that’s got every piece of clothing you ever owned in it, so follow our three simple packing tips and pack like a pro!

1. Figure out your essentials Make a pile of things you absolutely need and can’t buy at your destination. This pile generally includes medication, glasses/a spare pair of contacts, your passport, and other irreplaceable items.

2. Use a small bag for toiletries Makeup, razors, and whatever else you need to stay fresh and beautiful should fit in a small bag. Don’t bring shampoo, conditioner, or other easily found items. Remember, Europe has shampoo!

3. Carefully pick out your clothes The first thing to pack is comfortable shoes. Next, pick out three pairs of pants or skirts, four shirts, and two sets of pajamas. Pack one nice outfit for going out. Pack socks and underthings for five days (Europe also has Laundromats)! If visiting a warm destination, pack a bathing suit. Think about the weather and pack one coat or jacket, if needed.

After all of this, put everything in your bag and see how much room everything takes. If you have extra room, pat yourself on the back, but don’t add anything else—you’ll need room for souvenirs! The everyday items you buy in Europe and bring back with you will be happy reminders of your European vacation every time you use them.

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