Friday, September 20, 2013

France Gastronomy Fair- September 20-22

Gastromony is strongly associated with the French art of good living and this weekend the third edition of the France's Gastronomy Fair is being celebrated in every corner of the French hexagon and its overseas territories. 

The French culinary tradition is very strong and it is telling that ninety five percent of French people considers gastronomy to be part of the French National identity.   Making each meal a special moment is still quite important in the French psyche and this means using local grown produce, preparing the meal with care, pairing the food with wine and especially sharing it with family, friends and co workers.  

The three day culinary event will feature banquets, picnics and chef demonstrations of culinary know-how in cities and villages of every French regions.  Eight hundred people are expected to share a meal in front of the Pope’s Palace in Avignon. This no doubt will be a memorable event for the lucky participants. Wish I was there!!.

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