Saturday, April 7, 2012

European Flower Shows

As the saying goes April showers brings May flowers. The beauty of spring is on full display in five European destinations to the delight of garden lovers who come for the enjoyment of the eye and to be inspired.

Holland- Kukenhof -March 22 to May 20
Located between Amsterdam and the Hague, this is one of the most popular destinations in the Netherlands for 60 years. The abundance of colors and fragrance is astounding more than 7 million flowers hyacinthus, crocus, daffodils and much more are on display. The park covers 32 hectares and 4.5 million tulips in 100 varieties making it the largest bulb flower park in the world.

Holland- Floriade -April 5 to October 7 
The World Horticultural Show takes place in Venlo, Holland. It is a once-a-decade festival not to be missed. This celebration of flowers and nature takes place in the midst of  163-acre park.  A profusion of flowers, trees, shrubs, fruits, and vegetables is on full display along with a program of  music and dance and the tasting of delicacies.

Chelsea Flower Show
Britain- Chelsea flower show May 24-28
Every year for five days the Royal Horticultural Society stages a well attended garden show at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, London. Landscape and world class horticulturists will showcase their designs. New plants are launched and old varieties are re-introduced.

Brussels Flower Carpet
Belgium Brussels Flower Carpet August 14-19 
For five days in August, a giant flower carpet will be on display in the landmark Grand Place in Brussels. Stretching out over 2,000 m2, this floral display made of million of begonias and dalhias will dazzle by its intricacy and brillant colors.  This event takes place every two years (on even years) and it takes a hundred expert craftsmen to design and assemble.

Festival of Gardens-
Chaumont sur Loire

France - Chaumont sur Loire -Festival of the Garden April 6 to November 7 
The Loire Valley has been appreciated by the kings of France for its temperate climate and gentle landscape. They built a multitude Renaissance castles along the Loire River and its tributary the Indre.  These castles are surrounded by park-like gardens.   For twenty years, the Castle of Chaumont sur Loire has staged a Festival of the Garden Festival.  This year's theme is Gardens of Delight, Gardens of Delirium.  In the sprawling parkland of the castle, thirty themed gardens are created by select landscape architects, designers and artists from different corners of the world who let loose their wild imagination and creativity. Included are contributions from the UK, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy.  Chateau and gardens of Chaumont also plays host to 'Centre d’Arts et de Nature' (Arts and Nature Centre), which welcomes ten artists to contribute visual and photographic exhibitions. The displays are also illuminated by the glow of 2000 candles  allowing  visitors the chance to explore the magic of the gardens by night.

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